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Below you will find the layout of the packages offered by Royal Batuke Live Entertainment.

We suggest while you peruse the extensive list of entertainment options. Like we've mentioned before, we can custom design a package based on your specific requirements





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Regardless of which package you choose, remember that it's the mood you create that will determine how enjoyable an experience the event is for your guests.

Each of this packages is perfect for a wide variety of ambience in a way that is truly unique to each and we are experts in recommending the appropriate package based on your needs.

Tello Morgado Trio
Guitar, vocals & percussion – playing Pop, Jazz, Soul, funk, disco, Ballads and R&B.

Fantastic Latin Duet
Classical guitar & drums-percussion – Playing flamenco, Classical, Latin and Brazilian grooves

New Concept – DJ Percussionist
2 In 1 DJ and Percussionist playing disco, soul, funky classics, electro, pop, 80’s and 90’s, House music, funky House and Nu –Jazz

Latin Fusion Quartet
Playing a mixture of Afro-funk, Latin,jazz & brazilian grooves

DJ and Percussionist
Plus any Live Musicians (optional)

Female DJ
Playing along with Live Musicians female or male saxophonist or Violinist, flute, acoustic or electric-guitar, percussionist or trumpet player -

Belly dancer and Drummer



Organic improvised
Contemporary background music, with DJ playing Buddha bar style chill out music. 

Acoustic New-Soul band
Playing new wave of Nu-soul music featuring vocalist, guitar, bass & drums-percussion 

Nu - Jazz band
Playing new wave of New-jazz music, featuring keyboard, bass, sax, drums, percussion

Contemporary African and Latin dance
Two dancers With drumming or music 

Brazilian Trio or Quartet
Featuring singer, guitar, percussion & drums playing Brazilian funk grooves, Bossa nova and samba

The Big Band
6 to 8 piece band or more playing Latin, funk, Brazilian, afro-pop and Caribbean grooves

World Ethnic live band
from Asian, middle east, north African, west African 

Entertainment drumming Work-shop
Featuring two world and latin percussionists 

Company functions, party’s, adults, kids, cooperate, school’s, centres etc.